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Fight Menopause, Hormone Imbalance and Support Anti-Aging, Stress-Reduction, and Wellness in Your Body With Our Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Yoga routines! AMAYA - Anti-Aging & Weight Loss, is a complete wellness care clinic with emphasis on prevention as well as treatment. Our aim is to rejuvenate your lives with internal and external health restoration. Whether you're a male dealing with the affects of old age, or a female dealing with the effects of menopause, you can rest assured that you're not alone and our methods will work for you.
AMAYA offers anti-aging care, natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss programs, Zerona, weight loss shots, low calorie diet, stress reduction methods, nutritional evaluation and consult, skin care, yoga, personalized exercise plans and wellness medicine for men and women dealing with hormone imbalance.
We are your own one-stop center that takes care of all your needs to maintain healthy living and graceful aging. Keeping in mind the need for external, as well as internal rejuvenation. AMAYA - Anti-Aging & Weight Loss offers the finest medical team trained in anti-aging medicine, nutritional medicine, exercise, and yoga. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at our clinic.
Are you tired of looking your age? The specialists at Amaya Wellness Center know that looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized is important to their patients, and we are here to help! If you want to feel like you did 10 years ago, then don't delay—looking and feeling younger should be something to look forward to!
Figuring It Out
A busy lifestyle combined with a world that never slows down can make it hard to feel revitalized. It seems nearly impossible to figure out how to beat the clock when it comes to aging. At the Amaya clinic, there is a solution! Using a progressive model of thinking, anti-aging medicine seeks to treat health issues you may be suffering from and combine with a healthy dose of prevention.
For your body to function properly, hormone levels should be balanced. When levels of each hormone are in the right proportions, body systems are stable. When balance is lost, hormone deficiencies and excesses can cause chronic symptoms and disorders, and raise risks for disease.If you have tried to figure out what is happening or perhaps treated your symptoms in ways that don't seem to work, testing your hormones may be the first step to feeling better.

HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan serving Cinco Ranch , Katy ,Sugar Land and Houston, TX
Amaya HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan is a quick effective way to lose weight under medical supervision is now available for residents of Cinco Ranch, Katy, Sugar Land and Houston, TX. If you are looking for a natural, sustainable and effective option to lose fat and maintain healthy weight and you live in Cinco Ranch, Katy, Sugar Land or Houston, TX don’t forget to ask about the specials. Call us now on 713-772-7887 or text HCGDIET to 41411

AMAYA, a premier Zerona treatment practice located in Katy, TX. Although there are many fat-loss treatments available, too many are surgical or even nominally invasive. Understandably, patients cringe at the idea of undergoing surgery to reduce fat, but at AMAYA, there is a fabulous FDA-tested alternative called Zerona laser treatment. Using the Zerona laser, AMAYA is able to pinpoint your problematic fat areas with the use of concentrated lasers. These lasers cause your fat to dissipate and leave your body through detoxification.

Are you one of millions who suffer from unwanted body fat and have tried traditional methods of strict food plans, exercise and pills and spent thousands of dollars without any results?
Obesity is now estimated to afflict 35-40% of adults in America. The solution lies not with the dietary ingredients alone, but rather in understanding and balancing of the hormonal and biochemical reactions these metabolically different food elicit in the human body.

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Lost weight finally
I am with Amaya Clinic since last 4 weeks and already lost 22 lbs without any appetite suppressant or its side effects. i am all set to fit in my old pair of jeans and get back to where I was 10 yrs ago size 8. Special thanks to Dasha.for her efforts and being there at whenever I needed help and support. Thanks a lot Amaya Clinic to make my dream of weight loss a reality.
by Mausam in Katy, TX


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